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The concept behind GIT is to provide the best Total-Body workout program. We use a variety of training methods like HIIT [high intensity interval training], MRT [metabolic resistance training], and of course interval training. No matter what level of fitness you are at currently, you will be challenged and pushed. Modifications are easily incorporated for athletes or beginners. We use Woodway Treadmills, Concept II Rowers, and Jacobs Ladders to facilitate the "cardio" portion of the workout. When going through the strength and resistance exercises we utilize: dumbbells, barbells, TRX, medicine balls, ropes, bands, and body-weight exercises. Using a variety of equipment is essential to getting the highest amount of muscle stimulation. At GIT we put emphasis on moving your body in all planes of motions, recruiting muscles from your entire body, and doing these exercises in a systematic balanced way. That's why we can confidently say that we provide the most optimal training for a complete workout.

FAQ About (Group Interval Taining)

Are there classes or workouts for beginners?

We do not have specific classes designed for beginners or for someone who is really out of shape. Instead we have everyone of all fitness levels going through the workout together. Our trainers are highly trained to accommodate and make adjustments or modifications for all, athlete or not.

Do you offer a trial workout?

If you haven't exercised in awhile or are on the fence about joining our club we suggest that you set up a personal training session with one of our trainers. We think it's best you start with a 30 minute initiation workout. Our staff will walk you through our program, explain how to properly use the equipment, and make you feel great about jumping into the group workouts. Cost is $30. Call or email our office to schedule. Email: gitfitness@yahoo.com

How do I sign up for classes?

First you need to purchase sessions or a membership - then reserve a space in one of the classes via the website or through our mobile app which can be found in the app store under 'group interval training'. New members can start with a 2 week unlimited membership for $40.  Refer a friend who also joins our 2 week membership and you receive $25 off your next purchase.

Are the workouts difficult?

They are designed in a way that challenges the entire body both for strength and cardio-vascular endurance. It's as difficult as you want it to be. Our trainers will coach you the entire way to ensure that you hit your desired goals.

Will I get bulky lifting heavy weights?

The way our programs are designed it will not add significant size to your overall appearance. You will gain lean muscle and shed body-fat. The more lean muscle your body has the more calories you burn - even at rest. (See EPOC in the HIIT explanation section of our site)

Do you have a shower?

We do not have shower facilities. There are bathrooms of course for changing.

What other amenities do you offer?

We offer towels and purified drinking water free of charge.  Body fat testing and analysis is available utilizing our BodyMetrix system - cost is $25 for this 30 minute evaluation.

I am pregnant or I just had a baby, can I do this workout?

Definitely talk to your doctor about this and get approval - but you could definitely exercise under these circumstances. Make sure to let your trainer know your personal situation.


Do you offer private training?

Yes we do! Haven't worked out in awhile, coming back from an injury, or have a specific goal you want to work on? That's great! Give us a call and we will get you started. Personal or semi-private training is only available when group classes are not running. Cost is $50 for 50 minutes.

Can kids join the group classes?

If your child is 13 or up and has a strong desire to train with us we say bring them on! If however your child is not keen on the idea of exercise but you feel that they need some guidance and push to become healthier kids we suggest setting up a private training session for them. In these sessions we will try to make it fun for them and tailor it in a way that makes them want to continue with this very important aspect of their young lives.

What is MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training)?

The short definition of metabolic training is completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

FYI, your metabolism (aka metabolic rate) is how many calories your body burns at rest. So that’s the short definition, but here’s a deeper look at metabolic training:

1) Metabolic Training Uses Large Muscle Groups
“Structural and compound exercises” are types of exercises that require a maximum amount of energy because multiple joints are involved like a Squat with a Press. Sitting down and doing a biceps curl is like the exact opposite of hard core metabolic training.

2) Metabolic Training is High Intensity
Metabolic training is high intensity anaerobic exercise that makes you breathless. If you are completing a metabolic workout and you are not breathing hard and sweating, something is wrong. Ideally you should be lifting as heavy as you can and resting as little as possible between sets.

3) Metabolic Training Makes You Feel The Burn
A metabolic workout should help create a burning sensation in your muscles as you are working out. So by your last rep of a given exercise, you should be feeling a burn in your muscles. While the depth of the muscle stimulation from metabolic training is not as deep as a bodybuilding program where you hit one muscle the entire workout, it’s still significant.

Metabolic Training Benefits:

Below are just a few of the benefits of a metabolic style of training:

Metabolic Training Benefit #1: Improved cardiovascular capacity
While metabolic training is not “aerobic” like going for a jog, some studies have shown anaerobic exercise such as HIIT can increase in V02 max beyond that experienced by exercisers following an aerobic program.

Metabolic Training Benefit #2: Improved hormonal profile
Several studies have shown that hormones that promote “lipolysis” (the technical term for fat loss) increase as a results of high intensity strength training. Strength training in general has been shown to help improve hormonal profile, and metabolic training is debatably the best type of strength training to elicit the most powerful hormonal response.

Metabolic Training Benefit #3: Serious calorie burn
While calorie burn studies come to different conclusions as to the total calorie burn of metabolic training, it certainly burns a ton of calories. The calorie burn during a workout is easily around 500 calories for a 30 minute workout, but it also increases metabolic rate from anywhere between 10% to 25% for up to 48 hours, with some studies showing an increase in metabolic rate for up to even 72 hours. This equates to hundreds of extra calories, which over the course of a few workouts can become significant.

The “afterburn effect” as it’s called makes sense, because you are shocking your body, creating an oxygen debt (i.e. excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), and causing muscle damage (in a good way), which the body needs to repair to become fitter and stronger. This extra repair to get your body back to homeostasis requires a lot of extra energy, it’s just difficult for researchers to measure perfectly, especially after exercise. From our experience at GIT, the metabolic effect of intense strength training is real and it’s powerful. No matter what your ultimate goal is MRT training done at Group Interval Training will help you get there.

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